Декабрь, 2001
№ 3 (80)
December, 2001
Почта "Байтика"

Новости из Троицка

Дмитрий Гайдаш (старший) - комп-кэмповский ветеран. ("Старший" - потому что потом был еще "младший", его тезка.) В Советско-Американском лагере "Байтик'89" он был очень заметной фигурой: и своими габаритами, и умением рисовать, и навыками пользоваться компьютером, а особенно лихой способностью общаться с американцами, которые, несмотря на его своеобразный английский, вполне Диму понимали. Поэтому, когда после обмена потребовался байтиковский пресс-аташе, который бы сочинял и отсылал в США троицкие и прочие новости, кандидатура определилась однозначно.
Дмитрий добросовестно нес эту вахту в 1989/90 учебном году, после чего стал студентом и отошел от байтиковской жизни. (Но не от журналистики! В середине 90-х он делал репортажи на Троицком ТВ.) Его "электронные новости" вывешивались в оклендовских школах, использовались в конференциях всемирного телекоммуникационного проекта "WorldClassroom" (с Питером Хатчером во главе), публиковались в его бюллетене. Тогда был разгар перестройки и жизнь била ключем: кровавые события в Прибалтике и Азербайджане, появление первого "Макдональдса", съезд задыхающейся КПСС... Кроме этого, обсуждался "крестовый поход" США на Кувейт, музыка "Битлз" и др.
Ниже - то, что сохранилось в компьютерных архивах. Милости просим желающих почитать по-английски, но предупреждаем, что тексты не редактировались и не корректировались.

So! Attention please! Dmitriy Gaidash presents his own news!

Hi for everybody!

How are you there, in California?

I'm fine and I hope everybody from our group are fine too. Today we have meet of our group in Bytic. We hope everybody will come. But we don't know the reason, mission of our meet!

I'll write about this meet in the next news.

By the way I have no any letters. So can I think that all my last news are bad?

Oh! NO! I mistaken! Now when I siting and writing my news to you my dear Americans Dudochkin coming and saing: "I have a letter for you from Jessica!".... I ran too fast to Dudochkin's room and have got it. Thank you Jessica! Your letter is great!

But of course I would like to have letter from anybody else to know any another opinion! And I want to know what is interesting for you? Please ask me a different questions in your letter and I will happy to answer to you. And it will be better for me because my news will be better and i will have enjoy of my work!

In all your letters dear Milton, Peter and Jessica you told that my English is good, but I see I have too many mistakes! The first and the Greatest example is "Adzeibardzhan"! Excuse me please for all my mistakes in my news which I have made and I'll make.

All right!

Now some news about our Troitsk and Bytic life.

Today the computer competitions are ended. We had them during all this week. Of course,we know some winners and they of course will take part in student exchange this summer. They are too happy.

But... Now if you will come to Bytic's ARC room you will see free computers! Competitions are ended and too many students have no reason to go to Bytic. Why? As you know and understand we have too many computer fans! But when this BLACK TIME came and ARC computers became only working computers, many students decided that they have no reasons to spent their time with ARC. As I said they understood the computers as Great and nice toy only! And now this toy is broken! Of course now came NICE time for that guys who like work on the computer. But now we see we have no so many real computers fans. And of course they always remember who made this bad thing and when they use Dudochkin's name when in thei talkings their faces are very angry and they are like Ninja, Rambo, Freddy who are ready too kill every time! But I'm sure that Dudochkin is right! Don't worry! When You will come to us I'm sure you will have too many time to play computers! Drivers will be on again! But during summer and only for you!

We are waiting for you too much and every your letter help us to wait you!!!

We had a two rounds of the Odissey of the Mind here. The winner (group of guys from my school) will go to America this summer.

Now some news about policy life of the USSR.

The First

Now situation in Azerbaijan is more and more better! I can explain some reasons: Our soldiers don't want to die just so! They begin to fire. They killed only some terrorist but all another understood that this soldiers can kill them and... Now too many people returning their gun to Militcia and Army. Our goverment promissed that people who will return gun back will not killed and will be sorryed. It's very humanistic fact but I'm not agree because maybe that man who have returned his gun killed maybe some soldiers or Armenia people before this. And he will live?!

And of course people are tired of this war. They want to live well. The war is not mission of this people. The national war is the mission of the enemy of PERESTROYKA. But now people understood this and they don't want to lose their possibility for a better life.

I hope situation will be more better than now but You can hear gun shooting there.

The Second

Now we talking about a crisis of the Socialism now. The discussing of this problem you can find in newspapers, radio, TV. Now we understood that we aren't the best country. The level of economic, agriculture, industry developing is not too high. And now we see that we must find a good exit from this too hard situation.

But I believe that we will find the Best way!

Here I will end I hope I will write you some times more. And I hope you will write me!

This news letter was written by : Dmitriy Gaidash -..........

The End.

Some PSes

PS number 1

DEAR Sklar family, hello! How are you? Did you get my email? It have sent it together with news number 3. Excuse me for this short letter - all interesting information you can find in my news. I have got your letter, Joseph! Thank you too much. But this letter doesn't carry any information about your life. If it will not too hard please write me more!

I will write you more!

The Best wishes and desires!

Love you! Dmitriy Gaidash.

PS number two

Dear Jessica! Thank you too much for your letter. I was very happy. I will write you more big letter but late because I have no enough time write it right now. I real like and love gum! For Dan: Of course i'm very happy that you have wrote me few words and I hope you will write me more. Some kinds of gum which you have wrote me I don't know. But I like Wrigley's Juicy Fruit, Bazooka, Trident and any Buble gum or gum with cherry or strawberry taste!

With love - Dmitriy Gaidash

PS number 3

One intersting question:

Is that thrue that nobody in America like The Beatles? In my firs news I have wrote you that I like Beatles'es music and asked to write me any Beatles fan. Please write me if America know this MASTERS OF ROCK-N-ROLL!

Dmitriy Gaidash.


And now...

My next news.

So... One Great problem I have now. "What problem?"- you may ask. Oh! It's real big problem. I don't know what about I can wtrite you! As you know from my last news my TV set is broken and I have no any letters from you! So now I want to write you something but this GREAT PROBLEM make me many troubles. I can repeat you 1000 times that I'm always happy and ready to answere for your different questions. Please if it's not very hard for send me letters with some questions in it. Of course I know too many interesting things about life in my country but I would like to know what is interesting for you. And of course I'll find answere for every questions because I 'm ready to do everething for my dearest American!( And another resason - it's so nice to recieve letters from anybody and from America- twice and more!)

And now some news about my life. By the way our life in Troitsk now is not rich of the interesting details. The last interesting thing is American club. But I have wrote you about this in my fifth news and I didn't find any another information. So now I can't help you.

But I have too nice things for me in my life. Do you remember I have told you about competitions in Bytec. It was competitions to know who is good in programming or in using computer. As you know when we have been in Russia we made newspapers. And from begin of this year we have a club at Bytec which consist of that peoples who can and want to do our Bytec's newspaper. And in begin of February we had competitions because we want to know who can draw in PAINTBRUSH and write newspapers articles best of all. And I took part in that competitions and I was a winner. So I have the First place. But it's not the end. After New Year holidays we have competitions of the differnt school subjects. We call them OLYMPIAD.So one we have competition of the math, the next day - physics and for another day - chemistry. And all school send their the best students there. Every school can send there 3 - 6 the best their representatives who can win. And when you coming there you have a different questions which are more difficult then that which you have in the school. You must know more then normal student. And if you 'll win of course you will be hppy to know that you are the best student of this school subject in this year! And if you will be in second or third you can be happy too and you will have certificate that you are one of the best students of this school subject at this year. And when you will have exams for institute or university you can show this certificates and they may help you because they showing that you have new this subject too well. During this competition's month we had all of them in the school number 5 building.

So I took part in three OLYMPIADS. It was chemistry (By the way I hate chemistry but know it good). And I had no any results. And i have no any prizes plases. Than I took part in Olympiad of Literature. I like this subject. Our task was to write something like essay. My essay was third! By the way I think that is good. Good for me. Yesterday I took part in the olympiad of biology. I never could think that I know it very well. But I was shoken today when my teacher came and say - You are a winner. The first place belong to you. So I'm very happy today!

Oh! I have wrote so much about my person. Maybe it's bad. But by the way to write about yourself is more easy. Excuse me!

We have some interesting things in our political life.

The first.

We have a Plenum. It's a meeting of our Communis party leaders to discuss what questions will they have for S'EZD. S"EZD - it's when representatives from all parts of CCCP coming to Moscow and discussing about problems which our country has. The planing our economic for a next five years. What parts of industry or agryculture will have developing more and what not very much.

So they discussed about different questions. Perestroyca showed too many problems of our country. Of course we had them before Perestroyka too but we didn't want to spent our attention for them. But it was the great question. And if Perestroyka came it must find the answeres and not just answeres.It must find that answeres which will be the most good for a people.

" We are tired to live bad " It was of the slogans which people carryed on the demonstration which had place im Moscow. Too too many people came there. They wanted to show that they want to have more good changes in their life and they are ready to do everything to help country and Perestroyka which have began democratic changes in our life. There was peoples who are from Superme(?) Soviet. A lot of them said they want to continue democratic changes in our country and they will do for this all they can. There was that famous members of S.S. as Eltsin, Stankevich. Eltsin for exmple said that for a changes some our memebers of cental commitee of Communist Party of the Soviet Union must leave their work because they have made too many bad things for our Motherland before Perestroyka.

And some slogans more: " No six " We have an article in our Constitution that only C.P.S.U. can be leader of our country. But it's Great mistake. For good life you must to have choise! And we have one very clever proverb "One head is good but two is more better". For real democratic contry we must delete this article. And we will have another party we will chose what party is better for us, for me. I think we real need to delete this article. I think it's one of the most important questions.

I will continue this story when I'll read more newspapers and when I'll find more information.

This letter was written by:

Dmitriy Gaidash - Gum Monster

The End

PS Tell me anybody please why I like gum so much


In My Opinion

Maybe We don't know all about Gulf crisis,but in spite of this fact We can tell what do We think about Saddam Hussain.To begin with we think Saddam Hussain is dangerest military maniac of over the world. Nobody can say Saddam Hussain don't have nuclear weapon. So this conflict could be begining for 3rd World War. And we worry about this too much.

We could think that to begin war for Cuwayt's oil is suicide for Iraq and Saddam Hussain. But It's not right. Just, maybe some years ago reaction for this Cuwait Annection could be another. For example Russia could defend Iraq's interest in the Gulf crisis.

We think that best way is peaceful exit outside of the crisis.

Dima Gaidash (with Dima Kolesnikoff).

It's my seventh news!

I like figure seven too much! But I don't why!

When I went here, to Bytic I have fell down twice. Oh! Don't think that I'm ill. No! It is more easy. Just whether changed here too much. The temperature here is +2. And so I think that American who will come here will not see that they want. And I think they would like to see Real Russian Winter. Now it's too hot here for this part of the year. And if you will come here right now you will not see snow. That places where snow have been became broun mud. And too much ice. Ice, ice, ice...And another bad thing that ice is under the water and it's very difficult to see it because the water is dirty! B-o-o-o-o-o-m! And only now you understanding that under water ice situated. And another big problem that after this you are wet. But I think that you will have chance to see Real Russian Winter. Snow wil return for you, my Dearest American! But it's so hard for me now (Smile)

Another gerat news. Now we, like a whole world, have McDonalds in our country, in Moscow. It's very important for us because it's a step to becoming Europe country. It's a simbol - McDonalds in the capital of the Socialism country. I think we will make different things to help for our economic with the help of Capitalistical countries.

And everybody from our exchange said they will go to McDonalds because it "smells America". America, California - you always in our hearts, in our minds, in our souls!

But I didn't lose my mind. One bad reason. For example - if I remember the main idea of McDonald is fast, tasty, chip! But here the last word is not right! Why! Because Big Mac cost here 3 roubles 75 copecs and in America about $2. But here my father for example has only 200 roubles for a month. I think it's very easy to count. So my family could buy only 50 big macs. Interesting how will we live after buying this things? So McDonalds could not be a restraunt for everybody, it will be only for reach. And one killogram of the good meet cost here 2 roubles. It will be better for me If I'll buy meet. But of course I'll go to MCDonalds.

One question to you. Maybe it's bad that I'm always show different problems in my news?

Now I'll return to my telling about demonstration! Oh! I have forgot! My TV set now is okay!

"Freedom for a Pribultics Republics!" - another slogan. You maybe know about problems with this republics. By the way I have wrote you about this in my second news. They would like to leave CCCP. But our president don't want to give them a freedom. I think he does this because he wants to show that CCCP is strong country. And this republics have a lot of factories and institutes and they make too mach usefull production! But this lands never belonged to us. Just Stalin changed them for Chekhoslovakia to Hitler. And now when everybody know that Stalin was not right Pribultics people said"We don't want to be a part of CCCP and we will try to leave CCCP". Too many peoples who not living in that republics thinking the same. So it's real problem for my country.

"Land for a famers" As you know in our Socialistical country nobody can have anything. So farmrs could not have a land. It belong for a collective farms and they are belong to country with a goverment.And for good economic, now we see that collective farms aren't good for our economic, and will be more better if we will have farmers like in America when man has a land and do everithing himself. So we need to give lands for a famers(sell maybe). But our goverment don't want to lose their communist ideals. And they think if anybody will have a land all socialism in our country will be broken!

That's all

The letter is very short but I have time to write big.

Excuse me please!

This letter was written by:

Dmitriy Gaidash -..........

Please, comtinue to write me! I need your questions!

The End

And like always some PSes

PS Thank you dear Milton for you letter! It was very nice puzzle for me. Some simbols I could not understand. But It's good. I'll write you more. Please continue write me!By the way Beatles have begun at 1963."Please please me"- the first album."Let It Be"- the last. They have made 13 albums.

PS Hello Jessica! How are you? I have got one very strange letter from you. I could not understand what questions did you ask me in your letter before. About myself I'll write you late.


I always remember you

With love Dmitriy Gaidash.

PS Hello Joseph. How are you? I'm okay. Did you read my news. I can't understand your silence! I'm afraid for you too much. Maybe you don't understand but for me you are one of the dearest people in the world. Like my Dad and Mother.

I love you!

My letters are very short but you may read my news and I hope you will find some information.

Dmitriy Gaidash.

PS Thank you dear Peter for your nice letter! But I will be more happy if your frase about gum will not smile (Half of smile and half of the truth). Peter say me please may I send letters to Bonnie to you and you will send them to Bonnie?


Dmitriy Gaidash


It's not news but be sure that I have wrote it. I'll write news too soon!

Today I'll try to write essay to you! Dear Bob and Becky! We were too happy to read your essay. It was too nice Bob that you have find and have sent this essay to us. We with Dudochkin have read this essay with too much attention. Oh! So well words, style, ideas! But we didn't try to translate it to Russian because we afraid to broke the style. But too many our friends have read this essay and enjoyed too much! Bob or Becky! Please if it's not so hard for you please write me what is the style - essay? What is it's tasks? It's very interesting for me. And I'll try to write essay too.

But now I'll try to write my ideas and what I think about one subject from our life.(Maybe it's essay?) I don't know is it good or bad and I hope you 'll write me about it.

Don't forget that I know English not so well!


We use this word in our talking very often. But did you think what does it means? Of course I know English not so well but I see here one interesting thing! If we will cut this word we will have one interesting result! Friend - ship! Ship - is in the sea. And this sea is our life.

And your friends, they are parts of this ship. Time to time one of them is more important than all another, another time somebody else is more important. It's like ship too! Time to time clever captain cost more than good motor, at another moment something else is the most important for ship.

And if you will want tem is more important than all another, another time somebody else is more important. It's like ship too! Time to time clever captain cost more than good motor, at another moment something else is the most important for ship.

And if you will want to change your life too much it will be impossible because your ship, it's command will not agree with you. And you will must to stay your way. But if you want to change your life too too much you will must leave this ship. Alone. One in the so big sea as our life is. But of course you will meet another ships. And maybe they'll take you and maybe they will not.

One time any ship will take you. And maybe this ship will be better for you that which you have leaved! Maybe it'll change your life for a better!

But it's very unusual. More often man meet ship which has a bad command. And this ship make your life worse. Because it has too bad way. Sometimes it's way is to nowhere. This ship has only way to cemetry, cage or narcotics or alcohol hospital. And this kinds of company are always ready to take you on the board! But you need to leave any ship like this too soon. Any another way you'll become bad! And you will not understand whole world but this whole world will not understand you!!! In the group of your friends you will feel yourself "human nature", but you don't understand that you becoming crazy when you smoke, drink hard drinks and use different drugs! Leave this ship!

And maybe after long "swimming" in the sea you will return to your old ship. You will come to board absolutely wet, you will looking poor but if you will say "I'm sorry. I was not right" you will be sorryed. And your friends will bring hot tea and new clothes for you. They will not remember about your mistake. And your friends will understand you.


Friends - it's too important part in your life!

One Great said "Say me who is your friend and I'll say who and what are you!"

And the friendship is most main thing in our whole world. We have some kinds of the friendship : friendship between countries, nations and just peoples. And everyone of them is very important in our life. If CCCP have friendship with USA it's very good because they will not have the war but friendship between Russians and Americas help to our goverments to understand that Americans and Russain are too good and they don't need any war and they want to have peace for our little planet EARTH. And every nations must to have friendship because if Armenia and Azerbaijan will continue the war if they will not have a friendship!

And I think the FRIENDSHIP is begin for everithing. We have no nothing like this! Are you agree with me? Love is something else. And for begin you just have a friendship with girl. And after some time your friendship growing up to love. I think friendship is "human nature"'s possibility only! Animals have a groups too but the have no mind like we. And you choose your friends yourself. You try find the best peoples because if they will be your real friend they will be always with you, during all your life.



And in the end I want to say

With friendship everything you may!

Dmitriy Gaidash.

February 12, 1990.

PS For reciever:

If you will read this thing and you will not like this essay I ask you too much delete it and don't show it nobody! I'm afraid that it's bad!

Dmitriy Gaidash.


News nummber nine for you my dear American.

I love and miss you so much! I wait you too too much. Oh! It's so hard to wait...

But now some news:

I have forgot to tell you about one interesting thing. It's about your visit here, to Russia. As I know you will fligh here at February 23. But February 23 is our holiday - Day of the Soviet Army. And I see one Gret simbol here - Americans comes to Russia at the Soviet Army Day to make peace! It's very interesting. And I hope if we will continue our job for PEACE for whole world we will not have any hollydays like this because we will have Armys too. We must have Peace. Now we see we don't need any wars! We are People and our mother Natura have made us for Peace. And everybody must take part in the struggle for peace!


I have been in McDonald's yesterday! For begin we (My Dad and I) had a line. Oh! It was too long line. About 1 mile. Because too many people wants to try "real American and Canadian food". We have spent at that line about 1 hour.

Than we came to restraunt. By the way the building of this restraunt is more big than that which a have saw in America. But it's very easy to understand. It's first and one restraunt McDonald's here, in Moscow. And too too many peoples wants to go there.

There are some different halls. One of them is Sea side hall - You will see different pictures of the seaside on the walls. Another is China's hall - you will see there pictures of different China building, scenes from chinees life. There you may find Europa hall, Orlean's hall. It's looking too fine.

Some information about prices:

Hamburger.......................... 1 r. 60 cop.

Cheesburger.......................... 1 r. 75 cop.

Big Mac.......................... 3 r. 75 cop.

French Fries.......................... 90 cop.

Soda (Big).......................... 95 cop.

I liked there too much. And I hope when you will come to us we will go there!

My Dad said tht hamburgers is the most good thing from McDonald's. And he said that Americans live very well if they may eat this "nice thing". It's smile of course but one very famous proverb saying" Every smile has a little part of truth".


Now we have no anything too interesting in our policy life. So I don't know what about I can write you!

It will be too good for me if you will send me a letter with your different questions. And I will know what is interesting for you!

But it's the end beacause I was some ill.

But now I'm okay!

Everybody waiting you here too much!

Oh! It's so hard to wait what you want too much!

This news was written by:

Dmitriy Gaidash -..........

PS #1

Dear Evan! I have knew that you have a BIRTHDAY! Happy Birthday to you!!! I wish you good life, good study and to have always too much different candys. The best wishes and desires.

Dmitriy Gaidash.

Dear Evan I love you!

Okay! News number 13.

By the way we, Russian don't like this figure. Just we have an opinion that figure 13 is bad figure. So nobody will do something important on the date which is 13. Why? I don't know!!! I think it's very old custom(?). But must like this figure because American flag has 13 lines. Do I like this figure? Answer will be in the next news... So I think you will wait for next news very much!!!

About me. All my exams for that material which I missed in the school during your visit here are okay. Fives only (The best marks). So I'm very happy now. And spring which came here make my feeling more big. When I left school today I looked and saw...

I saw sun in the sky!!! Oh! It was hot and kind sun. And sky was absolutly blue.

And now, from the window of this room where I sitting and writing this news you may see spring's sun and blue sky. If you will look around you will see interesting view. You may imagine that here had place a Battle between Spring and Winter. And some places where you may see some snow - they are like a died bodies of soldiers of Winter's army. Now you may see garbige which was under the snow during all this winter. And it help to imagine field of struggle after Battle. And in the morning when I went to school it was very silently around... like after Battle when nobody know who is winner, when you cann't listen screaming, crying and singing. And only Sun shined and told for everebody - I win victory! and congratulated everebody by warmth.

But now about local and political news one time. So we had the second round of the elections for a different kinds of councils.(See news number ten or 11). Just too many peoples who want to be a members of this councils and electors don't know who is better. And that participants of elections who had the most good results - they will took part in the second round of elections. We had second round of this elections on March 18. But I must say that people was not active. Many of them didn't come to elections. And if in the first round about 20% didn't come to elections, so they didn't take part in elections - in this round about 30% didn't come to elections. Why they didn't come to elections. As I think many more of them think that this councils cann't change their life for a better side and some of them just don't want to do anything. They cann't understand that their good choise can and must make their life more and more better.

And now about Spring of the Great Changes. As you know we have a President now! But I read newspapers and wathced S'EZD and I want to tell you some about my point of view. The First. Gorbachev had no alternative. But I think that every President must have any alternative. He must have a struggle for President's chair. Another thing. I think people of whole country must elect their own President but not S'EZD!!! One bad reason more - our Senate will not be an Alternative for a President like in America because many members of our Senate are memebers of CPSU and Gorbachev is a Leader of CPSU.

But anyway I think it will be good to have a President. And I think and hope he will make our life more better. I want to believe in this. All peoples of my country want to have good life and they are ready to do anything to make their life more and more better.

And now about article number six. S'EZD decided to change it. So we may have any party and it will be legal party. And it will take part in the political life of our country. It's Great step to become real democratic country. Everybody are very happy. We see here very big simbol!!!

Excuse me! But I have no more informations about something! I will write you after reading more newspapers. Now I spend much my time for reading newspapers. My parents don't like this very much!

This letter was written by: Dmitriy Gaidash - Gum Monster.

Where are your letter? I will die without them!!!

PS. I want to introduce my little poem. I think it's very stupid but I don't know English very well and I want to tell you about my feeling I call it

In the Night

I missing you

I want to se you soon

My mind is set on you

With dreams I look to Moon

I send my love with it

With dreams about meet

This love is so big

And dreams are so sweet!

And I believe

When Moon will come to you

You all will feel

Ja ochen vas lublu!

(I love you very much (Russian))



Today is April, 2 and I'm going to write NEWS number 15.

By the way I like this figure because I have birthday on December, 15. It's so nice that I could send 15 newses for you and I'm going to keep writing. But I received nothing during two last week!!! What happened with you??? Are you okay??? Dan&Linda&Jesssica, Milton, Peter, Joseph and Bob! I just cann't believe that you can stop writing such good letters!!!! So I'm waiting for your letters!!!

Yesterday we had very nice holiday. As you know April,1 is International Day of Laughing. And we had nice celebration yesterday. It was Sunday so many people could come there. The main part of this celebration took place near the Art Hall,(in the center of Troitsk (I hope somebody remember this place)).

Everybody could take part in different competitions. Mostly they were very funny. For example: you must throw egg so far as it possible. But if it will break your result is nothing. So you must trow it and save it in one time. It was very funny and very hard.

Different schools showed different plays which they maked themselves. Every school were must show its play(funny play of course) for whole town. I helped to write play for my school. I'm not boasting but it was enough funny.

At this day you may make very stupid things and nobody will think something bad about you. For exaple: you may say to somebody: "You have shoes from different pairs!!!". He will look down. Of course all is okay and it was joke. And he must laugh!!! Last year on this day we sent our teacher to the Director's office in the middle of lesson. It was very funny and very useful too. Yesterday I made call to paticipant of our exchange and said that I'm his American friend and calling from America. Poor, he believed me!! I think he missing his friend too much. I'm really sorry!!!

But some people, if truthly many people came to the center of the town not for the celebration. Just some stores sold some kind of food which you cann't buy in the regular shop, regular day. So many peoples "celebrated" this holiday in the lines. But they were happy too because they knew that they will have some good food.

The day was could but sunny. We have this weather last time.

But now some information about politics.

Noting funny in this part!!!

We could think that national war in the Azerbaijan ended. But we were mistaken. The continuing there war again. They use cannons, bombs, tanks and diffrent kinds of gun. I really worry about situation in this part of CCCP. I couldn't find much information about this war but I promise I'll write more about this.

Excuse me for my last news. They were not interesting. Just I was very busy and couldn't write something good. But this problem with Litva's leaving is really big and very important. The most important that if Litva will leave CCCP some republics will do the same. Estonia, Latvia, Azerbaijan for example. But if Litva will leave CCCP it will be victory of democracy. But Litva must to make good conditions for that people who don't want to stay in the Litva. Litva must pay much money for them and it must find the same work for them in the CCCP. It's my opinion!!!

That's all. I missing you very much!!!

This letter was written by Dmitriy Gaidash - Gum Monster.

The End.

PS Peter, thank you very much for your information about hamburgers!!!!!!!

PS to Tracy Camp: Exuse me very much for long silence. I received your nice presents!!!I'll write you soon. Thank you very much. I Sending my thank for you nice parent. I love you and them very much. It's so nice that you remember me!!!


Well! I'll write you sixteenth news.

It's very nice figure - 4 by 4. As I remember you have cars with this name in America.

But... What happened with you? I didn't receive any letters during two last weeks. "Tell me truth, tell me why..." Do you spend all you time in lines to McDonald's and in lines to foods and another stores? Maybe all your computers don't want to work when you trying write any letter for me? Maybe you forgot me? But It will be impossible because I'm going keep my work with NEWS.

How are you? Are you okay? I wish long life and big health to you!!! But now about news in our town and our country. Everybody here are waiting for your summer visit. I think Dudochkin know names of students who will take part in ACSES exchange. But It's big secret for all students and curators, and for me too. As I know they(organizators from our side) discuss this problem: To be or not to be,That's the question... We sadded when we knew that only 35 students will take part in ACSES. But as we know and understand you have big problems with money there, in California.

Some my friends said that Jessica will not go to Russia this summer. But why? Oh! I'm sure that you understand that we need such people as Jessie. She is very communicable, she is very friendly. She cans pay attention for everybody who wants. And here, in Russia we have very many people who want to talk with any American, discuss different problems. And we could see that Jessica have made it very well. Please, when you will select students exchange try to find people who have goo character, who have "opened heart" like Jessica and Cassidy. By the way teacher in last exchange were very good.

It's more could here now. Temperature is +2 - +4. Oh! We had snowing two days ago!

By the way I take part in World Classes project. So I spend much time on Bytic but I have no time to write you very often: one or two letters for week. Excuse me please!

Nothing interesting here. Life as life.

And now some materials about our political life.

I would like to say I feel my last news aren't enough interesting. But I'm very busy last time in school, because we have some exams for all subjects in the middle of April. It's like a training.

Litva... This problem is in our hearts, in our minds. Our radio and TV tells about situation there every day. Everybody everywhere discuss this problem

Hello Everybody! I'll write my news again. But every day I think very much about one big question:" Do you like and do you need my news?" This question is really important for me because I spend time here, in Bytic writing news, I try to tell everything interesting what I know, I try to do everything what I can do for ACSES and when I have no any letters with your marks for my job I feel myself very bad. Because I think that my news are bad and you don't like them. And Dudochkin makes all my bad feeling more and more bad. He said yesterday :" During three last weeks you had no letters - Ha! They forgot you! They don't need your literature exersises!". Maybe it's true? Please please please write me!!! I feel myself so bad and I feel myself alone again.

And my last question of this part - Do you have news number 16?

But now about news in Troitsk and CCCP.

Now we are prepairing for your summer visit here, in Troitsk, mostly in Bytic. We think and discuus cultural programm of your visit today. I don't know names of students who will go to America. Do you know names of students who will go to Troitsk? We would like to know their names very much!

Many "computers fans" are waiting for you too. Why? - you may ask. Easy answer! Just when you will go here they will get cahce to play on computers. They were right when they said for themselves: "Anyway American will play because many of them, like we, use computers for games only, because they are children too... and we will play too!". When you select kids for next exchange, do you select guys who love computers or not?

The weather here is nice. It's very hot here. The sky is blue and little white clouds make sky more and more beautiful. All people are in good mood. And, when sky shine into eyes (it's not the best feeling) - people are smiling. I like this kind of weather. By the way I'm optimist, I believe for a better and my dvise is - It's getting better all the time - so spring is nice time for me, for my character. You may see first, very young leaf on trees. They are smelling very well, kindly. Yes, kindly. They want to say - we are the simbol of SPRING, we promise you a summer, we will rustle over you during all this nice time which you call SUMMER and we call our life time.

And when you walk in the forest or in the street, when you see spring sun you are becoming full of the feeling of happiness, you really want to take this leaf in your hands, hold it in your hands, but not tear it off. Now you may see some first flowers. But nobody tear them off because... (I think you understand why...)

We have celebrated one Great Religious holiday. It's the most important holiday of Christian religious in our country. I don't know its name in English but it's not do important. Just during last 72 years we never celebrated any religious holidays becuse communist theory's saying -" You cann't believe in God! Only stupid people can believe in God, because God is tale!" People, who believed in God had troubles on their works. Many churches were destroyed during time after Revolution, but some people, mostly old continue to believe in God. And as I understand, after reading Bible which Jessica kindly presented to me, the IDEAS of this belief are very, very good - Don't kill for example - and we have many problems in our society, because we have lost this ideas of morals.

But more about celebrating. Our TV translated programs from different churches about celebrating of this holiday. For begin we could not believe that we really see this. We could not believe for our eyes! It's so nice that our goverment understood that this big country and everybody cann't stay without faither in this hard life. Russia's returning to God!

Yesterday one church in our town began to work. Too many people went there. They gave much money for fixing it because it's too old and it's looking very bad. So now you know that Troitsk has church!

Political news.

Situation in Litva is not good of course, situation in Armenia and Azerbaijan is more better.

During last time some partyes were organizated in CCCP. In conditions when Article number six does not work they hope to take power in their hands. And they will win on next elections, because people don't like CPSU and don't believe in it. Yes! We could see their work during 70 years!

I would like to end my this news. Anybody, please write me: Do you need my news?"

This letter was written by: Dmitriy Gaidash -..........

The End

PS #1

You know? My Dad will have a birthday on May,7 and I'm prepairing a newspaper for this date. So maybe you will send you congratulations for him and I will put them in my newspaper. Excuse me.



Hello My Dearest American Friends!

So I would like to introduce my news number 18!

... Oh! It was GREAT... What?... to receive from you such big, kind, good and interesting letters! Thank you Dear Milton, Cassidy, Jesssica and Dan. Everything what you wrote was so nice! You answered for all my questions and your answers were very interesting. It was real happiness for me when I received your letters! Keep writing your letters for me, please! I need them very, very much!

As you know April 22 is Day of Earth. And during two last monthes we took part in WorldClasses project. And final of this project is action on April 22 when people works in the streets to make them clear. And we have worked in the streets too...

I was raining in the morning on this day and we were afraid that nobody will come. But about 20 people came(Mostly participants of WorldClasses). And we have cleared area around Bytic number 3. We worked about 3 or 4 hours and then we returned to Bytic 1. But it was only first time and we hope that in the next year more and more people will come to mark this day in the streets of their town, of their country, of their Earth...

I hope you know that April 22 is Great Holiday in our country. Just it's a Birthday of V.I.Lenin. He is first leader of Communist Party in our country, he is leader of October Revolution and he's a founder of CCCP. But now, when we speak about crisis of Socialism we see that Lenin was not absolutly right. Yes! He have made some mistakes. But during all this time (before Perestroyka) leaders of our country Stalin, Brezhnev, Andropov told us that Lenin is the most clever, the most good man and the most big political figure of this sentury because he helped for our country to make step to progress. Lenin was like ikon. Noone could think that Lenin was not always right. Now many people read his articles and books and try to find his mistakes from today's point of view. And many politicans speak a lot about his historical mistakes. His bigest mistake is October Socialist Revolution politicans say. Are they right? I'm not sure!

About Litva... We were shoken when we knew about this: Our goverment with President decided stop sending oil and gas to Litva. I think it's not right step in political life of our country. But our goverment is young and they may make some mistakes. If about me I'm afraid that our goverment will not understand that they are mistaken. But it's my opinion!


... I was ill and now I continue my news which I began to write 4 days ago.

But now we have no much interesting to tell about. Oh! NO! Only one thing. Maybe it will be interesting for you to know. Republican party were organizated here, in Russia. I think it will be popular here. Excuse me, but I see that I must end my news. SO... Bye, my dear American Friends!

This letter was written by: Dmitriy Gaidash.

PS. Peter! Are you okay? OR maybe you have stamack ache after eating those gamburgers which about you told me in your letter. I wait your letter very much!


Hello My Dear american Friends! How are you? Everybody here are well and everybody are waiting for your visit. It's becoming more and more close every day! Students who will take part in this exchange are working right now in the streets: They clean them, delete waste there and they do many another different works like this.

We have got e-mail with names of students who willl come here and I see I know some of them. I'm dreaming about your visit. Dudochkin said that cultural pogramm on this year will be the best, more better than we had last summer.

The weather here is fine! The sky is blue, absolutly blue! The temperature is +20. Too hot! I didn't wear my jacket today! People in the streets are happy and laughing. I like to see laughing and happy peoples. I think I'm optimist!

But we have many problems in our country now! And in this my news I'll tell you about political news and changes in our country.

As I said Latvia decided to leave CCCP. There President said that their goverment is ready to any Dialogue with CCCP but they want and will be independent anyway. They are ready, as President, said to lose Russian oil and gas, food, clothes for FREEDOM. Freedom anyway! - it's device of Pribaltic republics. President of CCCP said that CCCP will cut oil lines and gaslines to Litva, or will sell them this products for dollars. I think he is not right and they can be free if they want! But I must tell you one interesting thing - Litva and Latvia, who have 1% of agricultural area, make 10% of food of all our country. So you may see that just our goverment afraids to lose good worker and good products!

Another news is from Estonia - third Baltic republic. Their goverment decided to change national flag - it was red with blue lines like sea wawe. Now national Estonia flag has three colors - blue, black and white. They decided to change national symbol also. They decided to cut off word Socialist from name of their republic and call Estonia as Free Republic Estonia. I think they are going to leave CCCP too but they don't want to have the great problems.

Latvia, Litva and Estonia decided to organaize Baltic Unit. They are going to organaize Baltic Market and will sell diffrent products friend to friend.

Our TV didn't give us enough informations about this republics or shows only bad sides of Russia leaving process. So many people here don't like Baltic people. But all my friends think that Baltic republics can leave our country if they want.

Moldavia republic desided to change color of their flag. But... I don't remember their new colors. Shame on me! I'm not sure that they want to leave CCCP. I think they just want to show their force. Why? I don't know.

Ukrain (I'm from Ukrain) goverment decided to change flag's color too. It's blue and yellow now. We had this flag before revolution. But I must say that Russia and Ukrain were always together, and Ukrain in eighteens century asked Czar to take Ukrain to Russia and save Ukrain against Poland. So we were friends forever.I hope that any Prestroyka cann't make us enemies with Russian.

We have no dangerous news from Armenia and Azeraijan but I really worry about situation there. There national war didn't end I think.

I feel that my last news aren't very intresting. Excuse me please! But I will have exams in the school too soon and I spend too much time for study. But I hope the next my news will be more better!

Keep writing to me. I have no your letters. Why?

This letter was written by: Dmitriy Gaidash - Gum Monster.


Hello Everybody! How are you there, in California? We are O.K. Dudochkin is sitting here right now and sending the best wishes to you! I didn't write you for a long time and I fell myself really sorry infront of you!


Hello Everybody! It will be the most short and the most sad news message! I have exams and I must spend too much time for preparations for them. So, I didn't write and I will not write my news some time. And I hope you will see my news after this month of exams. I think I willl publish my news in our "Comp-Camp" newspaper. Excuse me very much. Bye!

Dmitriy Gaidash - Gum Monster.

P.S. Do not forget me!