Июль, 2002
№ 3 (83)
July, 2002
    International Youth Camp - Troitsk'2002

Language Classes at Bytic Foundation

This is me!
Agnes Toth

Меня зовут Агнэш. Мне 18 лет. Я приехала из Венгрии. Я учусь в университете на химическом отделении. В нашей семье 3 человека. Я увлекаюсь чтением и игрой на гитаре.
My name is Agnes Toth. I am 18 years old. I am from Hungary, from Esztergom. I am studying at University of Science. There are 3 people in our family. I live together with my mother and brother in a big house whith garden. I am fond of reading novels, playing the guitar.
And now I would like to tell you about myself. My favorite subjects are Chemistry and Biology. I would like to be a chemists. Near learning I am working in the Research Institute of Medicine in Budapest too. I have got 2 nice cats at home. I like spending my free time with my friends, my classmates.
Travelling to Moscow was my first flight and I have really enjoyed it. The sight was wonderful from the plain: the landscape and the clouds. I am glad to have the opportunity to see Russia and Moscow, and to make friends with Russian, German, Croatian, Italian people. This camp is the best camp where I have ever been. We have got many interesting and funny programs. I am interested in Russian History and Literature.
Agnes Toth