Июль, 2002
№ 3 (83)
July, 2002
    International Youth Camp - Troitsk'2002

Language Classes at Bytic Foundation

Carolin Trageser

This is me!
Меня зовут Каролин Трагезер. Мне 18 лет. Я приехала из Фрайгерихт, Германии. Я учусь в Гимназии им. Коперника. В нашей семье 4 человекa. Я увлекаюсь пением, встречаюсь с друзьями.
My name is Carolin Trageser. I am 18 years old. I am from Freigericht in Germany. I am studying at the Kopernikusschule Freigericht. There are 4 people in our family. I am fond of singing and meeting my friends.
I live in a small village called Bernbach which belongs to Freigericht, it is 30km from Frankfurt.
I have got an older sister whose name is Sabine and we live together with our parents Hans and Gerda.
My school is called Kopernikusschule Freigericht where I will take my A-levels next year. The subjects I like best are the languages I study: English, Italian, French and also German.
I would like to work with languages after having finished school, but I have not yet decided which job I will choose.
In my free-time I like to meet my friends, I work in an association which organizes weekly meetings for children and last year I was a leader of a group of children from 6 till 9 years. I love singing, that is why I am a member of a mixed choir called "Uccelli di canto". In addition I learn to play a guitar.
I am happy to be here in Troitsk with so many nations because I can meet many young people and I make use of the languages I learn. I have never been to Russia before and so I did not have any concrete expectations but I feel quite well here in the company of so many other people.
The Opening Ceremony was great because there were so many happy faces and colors with the balloons and I did not have the feelings as if there were any borders between the nations who take part in the camp. I am looking forward to the days we will spend together here!!
Carolin Trageser