Июль, 2002
№ 3 (83)
July, 2002
    International Youth Camp - Troitsk'2002

Language Classes at Bytic Foundation

This is me!
Irene Pizzin

Меня зовут Ирэна. Мне 18 лет. Я приехала из Италии. Я учусь в колледже. В нашей семье 5 человек. Я увлекаюсь спорт (легкая атлетика, лыжи, воллейбол).
My name is Irene Pizzin. I am 18 years old. I am from Italy. I am studying at gymnasium. There are 5 people in our family. I am fond of sports (athletics, ski, volleyball).
I live in a small town Feltre and it is in the north of Italy not so far from Venice. I am studying at a gymnasium. My family is composed by 5 people: my parents, Dario and Flora, and my sisters, Giulia (13), and Alessandra (21). I have lots of friends and the best is Federica who lives near me. I am happy to be here and I like Russia very much.