Июль, 2002
№ 3 (83)
July, 2002
    International Youth Camp - Troitsk'2002

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This is me!
Tobias Hans

Меня зовут Тобиас Ханс. Мне 19 лет. Я приехал из Германии. Я учусь в школе им. Коперника в городе Фрайгерихт. В нашей семье 4 человекa. Я увлекаюсь чтением книг, велосипедом, беседами с людьми, настольным теннисом, игрой на гитаре.
My name is Tobias Hans. I am 19 years old. I am from Germany. I am studying at the Kopernikusschule Freigericht. There are four people in our family. I like reading books, riding my bike, talking to people, playing table-tennis and playing the guitar.
I live in Niedermittlau, a small village 50 kms near Frankfurt. In times of free time I like going for a walk in the nature surrounding my village. I also like taking photos with my digital camera and later on improving them with the help of the computer. In the near future I will study at a university in Darmstadt to become an engineer in the field of mechatronics. For me the International Youth Workcamp in Troitsk belongs to one of the best experiences I have ever made. I really enjoy talking to people from many different cultures and in this camp we understand each other very and enjoy a wonderful atmosphere. I was really impressed by so many events and the cultural programs the organizers of Troitsk have planned, for example the jazz band or the dancing performances. It is really a great honor of being here. There are so many things I can learn and understand and I hope the few more days we still have together will also be a wonderful time.
Tobias Hans