Июль, 2002
№ 3 (83)
July, 2002
    International Youth Camp - Troitsk'2002

Language Classes at Bytic Foundation

This is me!
Yelva Larsen

Меня зовут Ельва Ларсен. Мне 20 лет. Я приехалa из Германии. Я учусь в школе им. Коперника. В нашей семье 5 человек.
My name is Yelva Larsen. I am 20 years old. I am from Germany. I am studying at Kopernikusschule Freigricht. There are 5 people in our family. I am fond of learning languages, playing the saxophone, singing, being a scout and taking care of little children.
And now I would like to tell you about my school. My school is very big, there are about 2300 students, it is a special kind of school called Europaschule, it means the students have many possibilities to get in contact with students all over the world. We have the chance to learn languages like Latin, Italian, Spanish, French and also Russian. But the specialty of our school are student exchanges and work experiences in foreign countries, I went to the Netherlands, Ireland and England for example. But you have also the possibility to make an exchange with Italy, Belgium, France, Spain and other countries all over the world. My brother was in Tanzania, it was a new experience for him, because the people where very poor. The students had no paper t write because it was to expansive, they also just had few books so every student could rent one for one hour after school to do their homework.
Yelva Larsen