A paper of "Bytic" Foundation of New Technology in Education and Troitsk (Moscow region) students. First published July 1988.

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О газете и авторах I эмблема газеты I эмблема газеты II эмблема газеты Эмблема конкурса "Юнкор Троицка" Эмблема конкурса "Юнкор Троицка" Наша награда! Наша награда! Для будущих наград

Decorated with Memorable Russia Federation Medal at Young Journalist Moscow region School in 1995.

There is a web-site of Troisk students' paper. It was born in 1988 during the Soviet-American Computer Camp (so COMP-CAMP is originated from Computer Camp). To design this project is a new job for us and perhaps our web-site is not so good as we realy want. But anyway it's better than nothing. So we are going to prove our skills and to fulfill the page time by time. Those who cannot read Russian now will be able to have a look. We would appreciate a reply with your impressions.
We are glad to hear from you soon!

Konstantin Ryazanov
December, 1997 г.

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Editor-in-Chief telling young California journalists about Comp-Camp. (Oakland, 1994. Photo by Barbara Bray.)
Issues №1-5 ( July-August, 1988)
  Only the picture of №1 (July, 13, 1988) so far...
Выпуск №6 (июнь, 1989)
  1 page. Wellcome to BYTIC (A letter to the whole world)
  2 page. Bytic is ready...
  3 page. Questions (Peter Hutcher for OATS)
  4 page. Happy Birthday to Oleg!
  5 page. How it had begun... (Bytic's chronicle)
  6 page. Continued from p.1.
  7 page. Continued from p.3.
  8 page. Drawing by Dima Gaidash.
Выпуск №7 (июнь, 1989)
  1 page. BYTIC-89 is opened!
  2 page. Susan Nith: "It's the best in the whole world, great town and nice people!"
  3 page. How it had begun... (Bytic's chronicle)
  4 page. Преодолев 8 часовых поясов...
  5 page. Moira & Tanya.
  6 page. COMP-CAMP's Questionnaire.
  7 page. Чем же всё-таки нам заняться?
  8 page. Drawing by Dima Gaidash.
Выпуск №8 (июль, 1989)
  1 page. 4-th of July & Folk Song Evening.
  2 page. Moscow (by Moira O'Neil).
  3 page. Lenin's Tomb (by Evan Sklar)
  4 page. Luis Esparsa & Donald Greene.
  5 page. Что еще может компьютер?
  6 page. Mail to Oakland.
  7 page. Answers from Troitsk.
  8 page. Drawing by Dima Gaidash.
Выпуск №9 (июль, 1989)
  1 page
  2 page
  3 page
  4 page
  5 page
  6 page
  7 page
  8 page

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Issue №66-67 (September-October, 1998)
  Bytic-4 Young Translaters Club

. . .

Issue №69 (March, 1999)
  VI All-Russia Astronomy School Contest Closing Ceremony (photoreport)
  Young Translaters Club

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Issue №76-77 (December, 2000)
  Christmas stories by Bytic-4 English Circle students
Issue №78-79 (October-November, 2001)
  "When We Were 16..." (1991)
Issue №80 (December, 2001)
  Bytic 15-years Jubilee Celebration Ceremony (photoreport)
  Dmitry Gaidash "Troitsk News" (1989-90)
  Gennady Bredikhin "From American Sketches" (1992)
  Konstantin Ryazanov "A Little Bit like Brodsky" (1992, 1994)
Issue №81 (January-April, 2002)
  XIV Moscow Region School Computer Contest (photoreport)
  Bytic-4 Lenin's Subbotnik (photoreport)
  Youth Scientist House Theatre Studio Play "Cinderella" (photoreport)
Issue №82 (June, 2002)
  28.06.02. XIII International New Technology in Education Conference photoreport.
  8:30 - 9:00
  9:00 - 9:30
  9:30 - 10:00
  10:00 - 10:30
  10:30 - 12:00
  12:00 - 13:30
  16:30 - 18:00
Issue №83 (July, 2002)
  X International Youth Camp Opening Ceremony (photoreport)
  Yvonne Rosovits, Natasha Koprivica, Carolin Trageser, Andrea Ost, Agnes Toth, Antonio Tardino, Catherine Hector, Christian Braun, Emina Perkovic, Inna Styazkina, Irina Efremenkova, Irina Vasilieva, Yves Burkhardt, Katia Utyuzh, Milan Hoelzer, Roman Greim, Tobias Hans.
  Sara from Italy, Саша из Истры, Kathrin from Mehring, Verena from Germany, Shura from Troitsk, Melitta from Future, Micha from Mars.
  Enrico Herrmann, Jacob Simmen, Katrin Polushkina,
Katharina Merkel, Nikita Belov, Sasha Klochkova, Zoran Hrubic, Simone Arnoffi, Zsofia Hrubi, Sofia Sidorova.
  Daniel Foelsch, Janos Hajnal, Lily from Istra, Andrea Hetesi, Anton Andreev, Juliya Senyaeva, Andrey Tokaev, Irene Pizzin, Liliya Musaeva, Marijana Copot, Vadim Yakushev, Yelva Larsen, Irina Panova.
Issue №84 (August-September, 2002)
  Moscow Region Summer Bytic Computer Camp (photoreport):
  1. Problems' analysis
  2. Winners' rewarding
  "From Young Pioneers' Life", 07.09.02, Youth Theatre Studio Play.
Issue №85 (October-November, 2002)
  "Frog The Queen". Youth Theatre Studio Play.
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